Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tessuti stash and seersucker musings

An excursion into the city yesterday to catch up with a few friends from my work. And how could I resist a little walk down Flinders Lane to visit Tessuti. Picked up some cotton stretch (always useful for things), some cute red /brown butterfly fabric (I was thinking trim on a red skirt for a little girl, however I'm leaning toward trim on a skirt for me?!) and some beautiful coordinating Japanese seersucker cotton in navy blue. I first saw this one is red/orange, but after seeing this navy/pale pink version, I couldn't resist.

I will have to look up seersucker fabric as I have seen a bit of around around the blogs lately(which is also what attracted me to it at Tessuti), but I had never heard of it before and I don't really know what to do with it, or how it should be used. Might require some blog investigations I think.

Plus one baby wrap finished and ready to go to its new owner, Toby - a four day old baby boy - today!


  1. Great fabrics - I feel the need to increase my stash, so might drop in there too. The Tessuti fashion parade at Sydney Stictches and Craft show was great - I love their new season linens - yum!

  2. It's always a good day when you've added to your stash! Your wrap looks great. I'm sure Toby and his mumma will love it.