Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rainy day and a new gadget

It's a rainy day out there, nice time to stay inside, keep the baby occupied and get some stuff done. Yay for the rain. I hope it is falling in the right places, and not just making a miserable Melbourne day.

A visit to the shops yesterday and I came away with a new funky gadget- the magnetic seam guide. Looked interesting, was only 3 bucks and, as described on the packet, is an 'invaluable tool for topstitching'. I've got to say, it worked a treat. It is so easy to use, as it is magnetic, it stays in place, 'stuck' (is there a word for magnetic adhesion?) to the metal plate and keeps your topstitching lines looking straight and VERY professional. Definitely worth the investment.
It is really worthwhile checking out the various notions, bits and pieces as there are some very interesting and useful tools out there. The last one I got was a bias tape maker, as recommended by the lovely Nicole Mallalieu at the Melbourne Stitches and Craft show. Actually, she was so passionate about describing the wonderful things this bias tape maker could do, I couldn't walk away without buying one. Nicole also has a great tutorial on her website. I've been so impressed with it, I have since bought another in a different size.

Until the next sewing gadget comes my way...

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  1. Great gadget - must get me one of those. What are you sewing - show and tell?