Monday, August 31, 2009

choc muffins and a to do list

Mmm, not much craft action this week. Busy with everything else. Did get inspired and get into some baking this afternoon. Nic and son from Yardage decorative design are coming over tomorrow morning for a chat so I have made some triple choc muffins. I didn't have the third chocolate type though so I added walnuts instead. Hope you enjoy them!
With no other progress to post about, instead I am publishing a project to do list. Perhaps I might motivate myself to find the time to finish them. On the list:
  • Green playmat for baby (still stuck on this one, hand embroidery won't work, the padding inside is too thick, so I am rethinking this one)
  • Refashioning green jacket (I've done the cutting apart, unstitching and button buying. Now I just need to put it back together again. Sounds like a good one for Spring)
  • Baby's quilt (I have almost finished the centrepiece, stay tuned for update)
  • Spring skirt for me in baby blue linen (another Spring must have)
  • Putting plans into action. Do I want to start up a home business?
  • Denim dress for baby's summer wardrobe. (Bought at sale for $2, had ribbon missing and the press studs were broken so they need replacing. Plus a little embellishment to jazz it up).
  • Next Ottobre dress pattern (I have chosen the Russian peasant top from the latest Ottobre magazine, I have my fabrics and notions ready to go, it just needs starting...)
Speaking of lists, we are heading away for a trip for a week next week and I have to get myself organised with some projects I can take away with me, that don't require electricity. Maybe something new? (All my to do list projects require a sewing machine...) I am looking forward to an interesting My Creative Space when I get back!


  1. Ah - the project list! I hope you have more success with yours than I did with mine! If anything, it has just gotten bigger!!

  2. Hi Pam, thanks for visiting and leaving your comment! Nice to know there's someone who loves to make binding as much as me out there too...I have often thought about Ottobre. Is it all it's cracked up to be?

  3. I subscribe to Ottobre (Kids) it is fantastic with great patterns and great inspiration. It comes highly recommended from me! Check it out

  4. I love a getaway with no mod-cons. Makes you appreciate all the things you usually take for granted!