Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A blogging holiday and boy things

I've been on a bit of a blogging holiday. A holiday from blogging that is (not a holiday where all I do is blog). During this blogging holiday, I was busy being exhausted in the last trimester of my pregnancy, we moved house, we started a renovation/extension. Oh, and I had a baby.

Yep, we've added a brand new little baby boy to the Pippi creates family. He's the main reason I've been AWOL. Too tired to do anything in my last months of pregnancy, too tired to do anything now that I'm a mother to two little 'uns. So to show off the goods, here's a glimpse of the baby boy in question.Like the gorgeous quilt he's lying on? We had a visit from our lovely and awesome friend Nic from Yardage Design (almost a household name these days!). She had delved into her stash of boy fabrics and whipped this one up as a present for us, as featured in Nic's my creative space a few weeks back. It is so bright and lovely. Thanks Nic, we absolutely love it!

So life's good and I am looking forward to getting back to normal as things start to settle down. although normal probably has a completely different meaning these days.

And now I get to experience first hand this issue that everyone talks about - the lack of suitable boy fabrics/clothes/acessories for us creative crafters. Well, time to set the mind off pinks, ruffles and twirls, and on to boy themed robots, dinosaurs and automobiles. Sounds like a good reason to start a new stash. Yippee!