Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bug collector shorts - Kids Clothes Week

There's been plenty happening around here - its pretty much kids clothes week every week, just not much blogging as usual. However I've been inspired by some fabric and have finally delivered. I bought some awesome bug patterned fabric a while ago, chosen by my 3yo and have been thinking about making them into the ultimate bug collector shorts for him.
Take a basic shorts pattern - Ottobre 3/2010 pattern #13
And "bug them up"!
I shortened the pattern (they are bermudas and much too long for my 3yo). Then I added enough tags, pockets and holders for all the things a budding bug collector might need.
  • magnifying glass for seeing all those bug details up nice and close
  • mini LED torch for seeing into those dark corners
  • thermometer and compass for, well, just cause they are cool things to have.
  • a spot for a notebook and pencil for writing up notes and drawing pictures of all the interesting things we find.
The fabric is quite a sturdy duck canvas (I think) with denim details on the front pockets. All the gadgets are clipped on so can be clipped off for washing (although I imagine they'll end up in the wash eventually so will need replacing...) 
We gave them a little spin around the backyard this afternoon and they proved to work pretty well. 
One happy 3yo with a new outdoor activity!

Looking for my blog...

Looking for a blog?????

So I'm having trouble keeping up with all the blog web changes. Hopefully with this post I'm claiming my blog.
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I'll wait and see....