Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Madness, a 1st birthday and blue food dye

Time flies. Christmas is just around the corner. We've had two birthdays, I've started back at work two days a week, trying (very unsuccessfully) to get organised for Christmas. I've had the flu. Not much time left for anything else.

We had our first ever 1st birthday party a week ago. It was a small affair, with plenty of good food, family and laughter. The baby (who is no longer considered a baby anymore!) got a new birthday dress for the day. (Yes, I was up till 11pm the night before finishing it, always leave everything to the last minute...) It did the trick for the beautiful sunny day that we had. The pattern was from the Ottobre Summer 09 magazine, the same Toffee Tunic as the one I made a while ago here. Except I omitted the sleeves (a time saving strategy as whilst they are cute sleeves, they took the longest to make). Here is the tunic in action, featured along with the blue icing smothered mouth and hands, after having devoured the blue layer of her piece of cake..
The cake was decorated in layers of bright coloured icing, to look like a stacking ring toy - the favourite toy at the moment. It was lovingly decorated by Camille, my sister, and received a squeal of delight (and hopefully recognition) when it was brought to the table.
And those layers were brightly coloured! All in all a great day and lots of fun.
The Christmas list has been a bit neglected (ie some projects randomly started, nothing finished), can I get focused and ready in time? Christmas, here we come!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An oven makeover

A visit to Nic from Yardage Design earlier this week. To check out the brand spanking new range of tea towels she has created. The marvels of this amazing lass as she turns her dream into a reality.
I was lucky enough to come away with this spunky number which has now transformed my humble oven into a showpiece for the blog (Ok, maybe that was a bit over the top. Just keep looking at the tea towel and ignore the oven). It is made of beautiful hemp/organic cotton (we are back on to the tea towel again), lovingly hand printed in a blue colour to match my house (so thoughtful Nic!). It has a really nice feel to it. I don't know how I will ever go back to using a cheap old tea towel again. Check out Nic's blog for more of her new range of tea towels!
Seems this week carries a made by others theme (two similar posts constitutes a theme doesn't it?). Hope you are having a good week!