Friday, October 2, 2009

Baby's summer tunic and bloomers

Have been working on this little number for the past week. The top is the Toffee Tunic from the Summer issue (3/2009) of Ottobre. I love this pattern, it was so easy to make up (although I always struggle a little with getting the the gathering even), and I love it more because I learnt a new skill - "shirring" or using elastic thread. The end of the capped sleeves are gathered with the elastic thread, which is so much easier than the last dress I made (here) like this where I had to fold over, sew and then thread elastic through. There's a fantastic shirring tutorial here, if you've never tried it, do, its so effective. The pocket detail is also really cute.
I did have trouble with finding the perfect matching buttons. I find I am so particular when it comes to finding buttons and the stores just never seem to have the right ones. After a few days of visiting every haberdashery store in the vicinity, I finally came across an old work shirt, slightly stained that was a perfect chartreuse colour (and from my own pile to go to the op shop!). So I pinched the buttons from that which I was very happy with.
The shorts/bloomers, were then made by refashioning the shirt (as it really was the perfect matching colour. I used the sleeves and made then into legs! This is what I did:
  • Traced a pair of bloomers I had already to cut out the sleeves
  • Sewed the two "arm/legs" together at the front and back
  • Put on a new waistband
  • The leg bands were already finished, but I made two incisions at the back and inserted elastic into the band so they gathered a little around the thigh (assumingly a one year old's thighs are not as big as my upper arms).

Because a lot of the finishing on the sleeve/leg bands was already done, they were whipped up in no time. One completed summer outfit - tick! Here it is in action.


  1. What a lovely little outfit, with some thrifty recycling too - excellent job! Great post!

  2. Hi there! I have found my way here via Retromummy.
    That top is so sweet, I love the fabric and the detail is gorgeous. Great idea to make those bloomers, I have not seen that before, well done!

  3. That is some FABULOUS refashioning Pam. I love how you made the bloomers from one of your shirts. Such a great idea. And the top is beautiful. In fact, the whole outfit is just gorgeous. Wow!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm having fun seeing all the beautiful creations you've made. That's a clever idea re-using the sleeves of your old shirt to make bloomers. It's a lovely outfit.

  5. oh, this is just the sweetest thing! I love the fabric choice (great color), the chartreuse. Very cute!

  6. Oh you're a clever one Pam. I just had to have a squizz and the top is beautiful... really really something. Love the bloomers too, very inspiring!