Saturday, October 17, 2009

summer outfit

An embellishment on a t-shirt to complete a summer outfit for bubs. I made the bloomers earlier. I used some of the same fabric along with some matching ric rac to turn it into a tree. The "dropped" flower on the left is covering up a hole I accidentally snipped in the t-shirt whilst cutting the thread ends on the ric rac. Oops!
It adds a bit of balance to the composition though, so maybe it was meant to be. I am slowly building the summer wardrobe.
I am loving this idea of embellishing existing clothes and have been going through my wardrobe looking at all my plain boring clothes, thinking how I can give them a lift. Plus it is so quick and you get an immediate effect.


  1. So cute. I love that you made a statement out of your accidental snip.

  2. This is a really cute outfit - the tree is very artistic. Love the hole story!!

  3. That outfit is super cute Pam. Those bloomers are gorgeous and the matching top you made is perfect. I love how the ric rac doesn't meet up and the flower does not look like a cover up at all.