Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer shorts

Spring has sprung and Summer is just around the corner. We got back from our camping trip (had a lov-ely time and there will be more on my creative space tomorrow...). For now, I got inspired yesterday and finally finished off the round of summer shorts I have been making for my little'n. I set a goal for myself to make the entire summer wardrobe for my 1 year old this year, apart from a few pieces I already have (so the majority of) . I haven't made the pledge publicly (although I think now I just have...?) as I didn't want to disappoint myself too much if I don't achieve it, but now I feel I am very much on the way.
I have made up 5 pairs of summer shorts/pants to go with t-shirts or under dresses. The pattern was made up from a cute little pair I saw in the shops and I refashioned an existing pattern I already had. I am also quite pleased to say that I also made them with stash fabrics and I only needed a couple of matching cottons bought to complete them.
I am really happy with them and now just need to hope that they actually fit for summer. At the moment they stay on, but hang around the knees whereas should be under her bum, so hopefully she will just grow longer and not too much around the waist. The denim ones (these are my fav) had a little cuff with tie ends added which makes them extra cute I think.
I thought I would either make matching tops/dresses or embellish plain t-shirts and things to match.