Monday, October 12, 2009

handmade nostalgia from the 90's

My sister passed these beauties on to me when I visited her on the weekend. I remember as a teenager, pouring over these magazines, thinking how fantastic my (older) sister was to get them and to be able to make things from them. So I was very pleased to have them handed on to me. They are from the early 90's so there are a few laughs in there, but definitely some other stuff that can quite easily be updated to today's fashions.
There are some great softies and toy ideas and other things inside.
And the green satin & velvet dress (top right).
My sister actually made this (exactly as in the picture) and wore it to one of her Uni balls. I remember it being so divine and I was so jealous that she had that dress (and had made it). And I actually think the dress design could be worn today. I can imagine it in a dark black, brown or grey, maybe with the upper sash in hand printed linen (think Ink & Spindle, Pippi Joe or Thea & Sami). Could be good...

Maybe an early night tonight to have a closer look at them and have more memories come flooding back (and maybe some new ideas too).

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  1. Hope your trip down retro lane was fun! Let us know what ideas you uncovered from all of that 90s inspiration ...