Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a party skirt

Tomorrow night we have a party to attend and I was told off by hubby as our poor daughter doesn't own any skirts or dresses to wear! The fact that she is nine months old and I think skirts and dresses are useless until they start walking around at least is besides the point. So alright, I thought, and spent last night putting this one together just so she can go to the party in a skirt. It is my own made up design (although nothing fancy). A simple rectangle with one side seam, gathered at the waist band. The bottom band with contrasting material and finished with gathered pink spotted trim.

The final touch was to add the yo-yo and button. This is the first yo-yo I have ever made (since I left high school anyway). I bought myself one of the Clover yo-yo makers a few months back, but hadn't thought of a way to use it until this project. Once the yo-yo was finished, I kind of wrapped the cotton around from front to back and pulled it in a bit to get the 'petals', so it is a bit of a modified yo-yo.

I have a lot of trouble with getting the gathering even (as in the pink spotted trim). My technique is to place a marker at even intervals along the trim and the base material so when the trim is gathered you can match up the markings, however I still always seem to end up with uneven gatherings. Is there a better method? Or is it just something you need the knack for?
Overall, I have happy with the result. Hopefully, she will look gorgeous in it for tomorrow night!


  1. I have no ideas about gathering but yours looks pretty great to me.
    It is a lovely little skirt. I'm sure she will be the belle of the ball!!

  2. That's gorgeous!
    I like random gathering... I didn't know there was any other way hee hee

  3. Looks great Pammy - what a fun little skirt. Love the flower!

  4. Lovely skirt, and I really like the petally yo-yo! I'm not entirely convinced about the yo-yo thing in many circumstances (though I get them in the right context), but I really like your modification. It turns it from a puffy circle (I mentioned I wasn't convinced, didn't I?) into a flower with texture! Nice.

  5. I think this is just lovely. Looks like I need to do the same as you... nine month old girl, no skirts! :) I do agree that skirts and dresses aren't practical, particularly when I saw how red her little knees were after crawling around with them bare. They are cute though!