Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My orange tree

My orange tree, my pride and joy at this time of year. The oranges are ripe, sweet and juicy and plentiful. See here for an orange close up (yum yum). Does anyone else living here in cold Melbourne have an equally beautiful orange tree? I think it produces so well each year because it is espaliered against a north facing brick wall which absorbs any Winter sun and keeps my oranges warm and toasty for their ripening season. Fresh oranges every day for me!


  1. I'm inspired Pam! Have been wanting to put in an espaliered lemon tree at our place in Lilydale. I might try and orange tree too. Looks amazing! Anita. x

  2. As I am considering growing an espaliered orange tree against a west face brick wall, I googled and your pic and story came up. Yeah...I am inspired!
    ~e in Thornbury

  3. It looks lovely... What great inspiration... I have a smallish backyard... But BIG DREAMS of growing oranges and other citrus tress against the wall. Your picture is heat inspiration. Would you mind posting a how to??? What is it you used to keep it growing flat? How old is that tree? What kid of orange is it? Thanks for sharing.

    From Southern California, USA