Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The story of a fabric

I just read the story of a fabric by Curly Pops about some vintage fabric finding its way into her hands. It reminded me of a similar story I have, so I thought I would share it here.

When I moved out of home (a few years ago now...), my parents had just had new carpet put in. To save the new carpet from getting dirty from the moving traffic, I got some old material from the cupboard - a rather large bulky piece so it would do a good job - and laid it on the carpet to protect it. After traipsing over it a few times (laden with heavy moving boxes), the fabric caught my eye. Nice pattern, nice colour, Mmm. I picked it up off the floor, dusted it off and realised it was a really nice fabric, 100% wool and it had a great big geometric pattern. There was also about 3 metres of it. Perfect! A few months later, I had made it into a great Winter coat which I still wear!
I still have almost a metre left I think. Maybe I should drag it out and make something else new?
Funny, as I don't think I have ever told my Mum this story, so I really don't have any idea where the fabric came from, other than from the cupboard. I don't think my Mum will know either, but I should tell her this story one day over a cuppa and see what she says.


  1. What a fabulous story - you defnintely have to ask your mum where it came from.
    There are so many lovely things that you can make with a piece of 100% wool.... oh the possibilities!

  2. Great story - I never knew you made this coat, after all of these years! Someone should gather a few of these stories together and publish them. I could read these types of tales all day.