Friday, February 22, 2013

So. Its been a while.

Perhaps the date on my last post is incorrect. Or perhaps its been over 2 years since I last posted.
No long excuses. I've had enough of the guilty feelings and have decided my blog is worth coming back to as I love it for a record of all the great stuff I sew. As well as all the great connections and inspirations.
So I'm going to give it another crack...
For the record, a brief synopsis of the past 2 years:
We've been building and renovating. At various times I've had to pack up all things sewing and computerised as things have been demolished, rebuilt, demolished and rebuilt. My time has mostly been spent looking after the little-uns, painting, cleaning, painting, organising the renos, painting, and generally trying to stay sane. A few days of work here and there. Did I mention there was another baby too?
However we are nearly done and it has been worth the effort. Maybe a few pics might even turn up here.
And there has been a bit of time for sewing now and then (thank goodness, and part of the 'keeping sane' activities...). So here goes some of the stuff that has been sewn, worn and grown out of!
My last post was about jammies. So let's start with this summer's version. Easy raglan t-shirts with legging/shorts. All finished with binding so super easy. Jungle animals and tulips are good at brushing their teeth.
Last years winter jacket. Ottobre 6/2012 Frieda jacket. I didn't have a pre-made reversible fabric so I used a bright polka dot fleece and lined it with a cupcake cotton interlock.
 The binding around the edges gives it a nice finish.
The kimono sleeves meant  no fitting sleeve seams in and the extra bulk didn't matter for keeping warm in winter.  Here 'tis matched with the jacket made a few years ago (and the first item I posted on my blog!), now worn by the younger brother.
  Ottobre 1/2010 Retrokukka dress that was worn on her first day of kinder.
And the Viola pinafore dress from Ottobre 4/2009. In an owl cord print. This fabric was very cute, the pic doesn't show it off too well. Its currently sitting in my "to fix" pile as the zipper on the back broke. Might be worthwhile fixing as it just might still fit again this year.
That'll do for now. Some nice memories for me.
Hope to see you again soon...

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  1. OMG!!! I thought it must have been a glitch in my blogroll, but it turns out that YOU ACTUALLY BLOGGED!! Lovely to see you back in blogland Pam, and great sewing as always. You should blog your craft camp quilt too. Nic x