Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Summer jammies and more

Summer has definitely hit here in Melbourne; its humid, its hot, its raining, its not. And above all its time to pack away the winter jammies and make new Summer ones!

So the past week has been exactly this. One pair completed, one pair half way done. Possibly to be completed tonight if I can draw myself away from cruising round blogworld, and actually get them finished.
Patterns used were Ottobre 6/2010 Villi shirt for the top - altered to be short sleeves - and (my favourite) 3/2009 Cassia shorts for the bottoms. A fairy was stolen from the bottoms fabric and embroidered on to the top.
I wasn't that impressed with my fabric matching choices for this one. The two fabrics are very cute in their own right; one fairies, butterflies etc and the other little dragonflies on purple. But together, combined with my choice of pattern, I think they look a little like a rugby top, albeit a pretty fairy one... I think next time I'll just coordinate them with plains.
The pants are rather cute though... The pattern was changed by added ribbing at the legs instead of elastic to make them more suitable for sleeping. And the little ones loves them, particularly the fairies.
Then, I also finally downloaded my photos and remembered this one: Ottobre 6/2009 Phoenix tunic. Made from cotton interlock instead of velveteen, so suited to summer as well as hopefully lasting through to winter.
Front detail. I added a red trim to the neck yoke, as the fabric was a bit busy so the yoke wasn't really visible until I did this. For same reason I excluded the pockets (a lot of fiddling around with pockets and I didn't think they would be noticeable anyway).
Back detail. (The little hand luuuurves buttons)
Wear detail (it was cold on the day this was taken (despite the sun shining in the background) so a LS tee was worn underneath - the last through the winter version)
So what now, more blogging? Should I do my Christmas cards? Or finish the PJs? Or just veg on the couch watching pointless tv? The possibilities are endless...


  1. Stunning. The fairy rugby pjs and the phoenix tunic... you've inspired me. Once this crazy time of year is over I'll be looking these patterns up for serious consideration.

    Vegging on the couch sounds good doesn't it?

  2. Adorable - both jammies and top! My little princess is sitting on my lap as I look, and she declares them, "Pretty, like Aurora!" - her highest praise!

  3. Love the tunic! It's great when sewn pieces can be used in multiple seasons.