Friday, March 1, 2013

The boy and the ukulele

So I got a bit excited and motivated by the Celebrete the Boy series by Made and Made by Rae. So this shirt was the result of my inspiration.
This one loves his ukulele and was really excited by this fabric I picked up recently.
I've also been spending a bit of time staring at my stash cupboard, dreaming up new outfits and fabric combinations as I stand, and rock, and pat the new baby to sleep, numerous times a day (its quite an enjoyable process actually and often I'm disappointed when he falls asleep and I have to leave and put him in his cot...)
Birch fabric ukuleles (OK, I know they are guitars but in our house all guitars are ukuleles at the moment). 100% organic fabric - nice. The pattern is Ottobre 4/2012 lumberjack polo shirt (#20). But I altered the pattern by splitting the front panel to add the feature fabric in. Teamed with some plain navy knit and mustard ribbing for the sleeves. The front placket was surprisingly pretty easy and looks very effective.   
A little bit 70's rocker (actually a whole lot 70's rocker  - excl. the chest hairs and beard) but I love the finished product, and so does the little man. He was quite happy modelling his new shirt, his red ukulele and singing "Sing a song of sixpence..."  
 Teamed with his ultra cool yellow jeans, this will be a good outfit for this winter.  I'm just a tad scared to wash it - I was so keen to make it, I didn't think to prewash the fabrics. Fingers crossed.

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