Saturday, January 23, 2010

Op shop treasures, waiting for some crafty love

Winter is not far away, so I've started thinking and preparing for the winter wardrobe. Over the past few months, I've found the above collection of various tops, jumpers and pants from my visits to op shops. All are in good condition (two even still had the tags on them!), no stains, and all are plain boring items, crying out for some embellishments. Actually a couple have ridiculous decorations (a pink poodle with the words underneath - born to shop!?), but these will quickly disappear.
So over the next few months, I have a bit of work to do. The embellishments I was thinking of were
- reverse applique for the pink poodle (that way I get the pleasure of cutting him out completely!)
- patchwork patches for another
- frills for the bell bottom pants
Plus I have a couple of pants and skirts I plan to make up, so I will have to add embellishments to match.
I know its only the middle of summer still, but thoughts are already heading towards the next season. Nothing like being prepared I say!


  1. Talk about organised!!!!
    Jake starts school in a week and I haven't even got his school shoes happening!!!

  2. I'm sure it's not too early to think about winter wardrobes. I just wish I had your foresight! I probably won't get to thinking too much about it until it's already here! Though I do have a pattern for a winter jacket that I need to get some wadding for.... You never know, this might just be the kick start I need ;-)

  3. Oh you are organised! Great shopping. Look forward to seeing how they turn out xox

  4. I'll look forward to seeing your improvements on these items Pam. Some of the boys' clothing is in dire need of patching up, but I'm so slack I just let them run around with holes everywhere. Or tacky tacky pictures (not as crap as the ones on girls' clothing though!).

  5. How organized! And what good luck you have had opshoping, finding something still in good nic with no stains is a challenge up my way.

  6. 失敗時你可能會失望,但如果不嘗試,將永無希望。..................................................

  7. I am impressed with your organisation! I will think about winter around the time the kids are running in snow with shorts on