Friday, January 15, 2010

Learning to crochet - the beginning

So our weekend away camping was wonderful, albeit VERY hot. Not good weather for concentrating on anything or fiddling around with a big ball of yarn in one's lap. However, my Mum and I persevered and I have now started to learn to crochet. This was my first effort at crochet. Having been a bit of a crochet snob in the past, I had decided it was time to lower my nose and give it a go. And didn't it come back to slap me in the face. It was hard, fiddly (the weather didn't help) and I just couldn't get it (and neither could my Mum). The stitches were uneven and all I could manage was a plain single chain. Every time I tried to turn it into a double or triple stitch, it turned into knots. I didn't find Pip's instructions very helpful (although I hesitate to lay all blame on the author - there may have been some interpretation difficulties there too...).

So after about 1 hour I had this.
Twisted, too tight, too loose, grubby and of no use to anyone. I spent most of the time undoing and starting over again. I think my skills definitely lay in the automatic department (give me my sewing machine any day). However, not to be too negative, I am determined to continue and will not give up straight away.
And our camping trip was really lovely. There was a creek alongside our campsite where we spent most of our time keeping cool in the hot weather.And the baby had an absolute ball playing in the dirt and mud most of the time, or being spoilt by her grandparents and aunt. I took a photo of her sound asleep, in her shorts (made by me), sleeping on her blanket (made by me). I love looking at this picture, it brings a smile to my face.
So now I admire all those that can crochet, whipping up granny squares or scarves in their spare time. And I look forward to joining those ranks some day. Maybe one day.


  1. What a cute picture! They're so adorable when they're asleep!!

    Keep persevering. I think one of the secrets is how you hold things: how you hold the yarn to get the right tension, and how to hold the work so it's easy to manoeuvre the hook in and out. But of course, this is often different for everyone, so you just need to play around until you find something that works for you!!

  2. Looks like a lovely time. I remember that time when only chain crochet made sense well. Keep trying and maybe pop on over to Attic24. In her side bar she has the most wonderful tutorials with photos for every step. Check out the summer garden granny square and take it from there. It will click and all of a sudden you will be able to crochet.

  3. I think your first attempt was a very decent one! Keep trying. I love the pink of your yarn which is strange because ordinarily I don't like pink!

  4. Love that picture of the little one - so very cute. Makes me feel like taking a nap too! Nic

  5. I spent my whole life wanting to crochet and in the end I did it. I decided to hold a crochet day with all of my dear friends and we spent the entire day together until we ALL mastered it, helping each other over many cups of tea and the help of a good manual. Dont give up, I think it clicks all of a sudden, you just get it.