Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kids Clothes Week ~ Day 2 ~ the morning after

The hangover from Day 2 of KCW shows a little less constructive a day 1. I think there was about an hour spent (maybe a little more). This was what my sewing desk looked like when I got up in the morning after KCW Day 2.
Not that much different from yesterday, but yes there was progress on the rose cord pinafore dress.
But the big achievement was the snowflake dress was finished! Hooray.
The dress is from Ottobre 6/2011 #13 Vilmariina dress. I've had the snowflake fabric for ages and I think it comes up really nicely in this dress. Wasn't overly happy with how I placed the edge print at the hem of the dress, but its not that dire.
The view from the back

The front yoke was done with tucks. I think the fabric I chose for the yoke is a bit too white contrasty, I might try and dye it somehow. I sewed the half circle cut out from the neck to add colour to a bare bit of the fabric, but its note quite enough. I've also just had some labels made up which are good too as now hubby and Nanna can work out which is front and back on items I've made! Obviously I haven't got around to trimming all the loose threads yet...
The dress has lovely puffed sleeves which are pulled in at the upper arm with elasticised shirring, and then again at the wrist with the contrast fabric.
Now to get started on KCW Day 3!


  1. Love the dress, but those tags ~ very profesh!!

  2. The dress looks great! I like your version better than the one in the magazine.;)