Friday, November 19, 2010

The 2 x 2hr wedding outfit challenge

Last weekend we had a lovely time at my cousin's wedding. It was on the Saturday which was a pearler of a day. Leading up to the big event, I realised I didn't have an outfit, and we also needed something for the little one to wear too - it was her first wedding! Of course I realised all this only four days before the wedding, and ingeniously (!!) decided that, instead of hitting the shops, I would check out my stash and see if I could pull together a couple of dresses before the big event.
Despite the short timeline. Despite the fact I had to find time to make them during baby sleeps, and when I was able to organise something to entertain the two year old. Despite the fact the poor little button fell asleep on my knee in front of the sewing machine whilst sewing. And I was just thinking she was mesmerised by my sewing skills. Despite the fact I didn't have enough material to complete the dress cut on the bias so I had to rummage around to find some matching plain black to match (which I did!) Despite all this, we ended up with these two numbers which I was very happy with.
A wedding outfit for a two year old:

And a dress for me!
Mine was a very cheap fabric I picked up about 6 months ago. Whilst the fabric was not-so-nice polyester, I really loved the grey stripes with the hit of chartreuse. The pattern was New Look 6778 (easy 2 hour!!). I changed the pattern slightly by cutting the fabric on the bias so it sat really nicely when on. Although the pics don't show it, the stripe patterns matched up perfectly at the two side seams, which was completely unintentional. It definitely took more than two hours (and not just because I was also trying to keep the baby happy and stop the toddler from being completely bored.
And I have to say, I love this dress. If felt so lovely on; it sat nicely, it was flowy rather than figure hugging (a good thing at the moment...), and it was awesome to dance in. I sort of felt a bit 80's in it, but I have not been so happy in a dress for a long time. I hope to get a lot more wear out of this one.
The sweet little pinafore was based on Simplicity 3853 (It's so easy!!), however I changed this pattern too by excluding the sleeves and changing the shoulders to add buttons for a pinafore look rather than the button opening at the back. The bright yellow, hot pink and white looked really bright and pretty together.

So that was my challenge, successfully completed! Perhaps not in 2 hours each, but happily completed nonetheless. Now I just need another fancy event where we can wear them...


  1. Fabulous!! You both look wonderful! I love the embellishments on the little pinafore, and your dress looks very polished. Good work!

  2. WOW! Awesome you. Both "frocks" (as my Nan would have said) look gorgeous - on the hangers and actually worn. YAY you! BRAVO to you for even trying.
    You look fantastic!