Tuesday, November 9, 2010

broody knitted jacket

My lovely Mum used to knit back in the day. However her last WIP was started around 30 years old - a cable knit jumper (actually a cardigan) for my Dad. It is dark and light brown and rather 80's so I can't imagine that Dad would ever wear it even if it was finished.

So our entire family was rather impressed when she knitted her first completed project in 30 years for her little granddaughter last year. Then, we were even more impressed this year when she whipped up this little number with a matching beanie for her this year. It is absolutely gorgeous (or is it just the cute little one that wears it?). The jacket flares out a little at the bottom and the front edges are shorter than the back.
It got plenty of wear over the winter, as the little one walked and ran regularly along the river pathway near our house. And although it was often pulled off when she got too hot from all the running, my little one loved it. And she knew it was knitted by her Nanna. She especially loved the pom pom beanie, the result of which is that every hat is now called a "pom-om". So whilst I can't knit myself (just haven't ever learnt), I am very lucky to have a mother that does such a wonderful job. Thanks Mum!


  1. YAY for a very clever grandma! Bravo!

  2. It's gorgeous, Pam! Your mum should be very proud of her rediscovered knitting skills :-)