Monday, February 15, 2010

More legs

Two more pairs of leggings this week for an 18 month old. The pattern is the Lola leggings from Ottobre Summer issue 3/2009. These leggings are genuinely so easy so make, each leg is one piece of fabric so the method is simply sew the inner leg and crotch seams, hem the bottom and add the waist band. I have some very cool red/purple/black stripey knit that I want to make for myself, but I don't have a big person's pattern so I might try to wing it tracing the pattern from a pair of bought leggings. We'll see how we go.
The blue pair are made from a very lightweight stretch denim, and are finished with twin stitching. I used two different colours for the twin stitching - yellow and hot pink (although the colours don't show up very well in the pic) - to give them a bit of edge.
The pink pair are made from a plain cotton jersey. The flower is hand embroidered and adds a little girly touch (as if the pink wasn't girly enough...)
Again, more twin stitching on the hems and waistline. I've done a few project now with the twin needles here and here and I am definitely improving in my technique. And learning a lot along the way.
I signed up for My favourite February challenge which was sewing with knit fabrics, check out the others signed up for more stretchy goodness.


  1. Vey clever, Pam - can't wait to see the big persons version!

  2. Gorgeous.
    I love the extra little details like the different thread colours in the twin stitching.
    Andi :-)

  3. Your sewing and stitching is so professional Pam. You are an expert at that double stitching now... and very fancy with two colours!

  4. They look great Pam. Are you coming to Perle 8's? I think there was a big person pair of leggings in one of th womens otto's. I can bring it along and you can trace it off if you like

  5. These look so good - you are doing a great job on the stretch - so impressed

  6. They're rather fantastic! I really like the flower - it might up the girly factor but it turns them from something plain and girly into something interesting and girly! I'd take interesting any day! I also love the contrast stitching on the blue pair.

  7. Loving your work.
    Me thinks I should perhaps add using a twin needle on my list of things I want to learn in 2010. Thanks for the motivation. You're fast becoming my knit guru.